MPEG Surround - high-quality surround sound at stereo bit-rates

MPEG Surround is a new, feature-rich open standard compression technique for multi-channel audio signals. Operating on top of any core audio codec such as AAC, HE-AAC and MPEG-1 Layer II, the system provides an unrivaled set of benefits including:

  • High-quality multi-channel audio including 5.1 and 7.1 channel loudspeaker set-ups
  • Surround sound at bit-rates as low as 64 kb/s or below
  • Compatible with existing stereo devices and services
  • Subjective audio quality substantially better than matrixed surround formats
  • Virtual surround sound on-the-go with regular stereo earphones
  • Cost-effective way to expand any stereo infrastructure to multi-channel usage
  • Wide scalability in terms of bit rate
  • Compatibility with matrixed surround stereo signals

In combination with HE-AAC, MPEG Surround can carry a five or seven channel surround program at a total bit rate of 64 kb/s or less.

MPEG Surround has been adopted by various application standards such as World DMB (DAB, DAB+, DMB), ISDB-Tmm, DVB, DRM+, AT-DMB, DLNA, OIPTV and ATIS-IFF.

MPEG Surround Evaluation and Commercial Software are available from Fraunhofer IIS and other vendors.

A patent licensing program is administered by Via Licensing Corporation. Please visit for more information or contact